Response to COVID-19

Dear Friends:

Each day confirms that our society is facing challenges we have only imagined or read about in the history books. Every hour by hour, day by day, we will reevaluate the situation and adjust accordingly. Adventures on the Gorge operations will remain closed until May 22, 2020, we still need to see how this ever-changing threat of Covid-19 will ultimately play out.

Now, we are taking steps to support our employees and to be ready for the day that you and other guests return to the rivers, woods and mountains.

Our sales and marketing teams are working from home while maintenance and housekeeping staffs are busy cleaning, repairing and prepping. When they are done, they go back and do it all over again.

While we do our best to try and maintain a sense of normality while we navigate this unprecedented crisis, we are eagerly anticipating when our guides are running the river, clipping guests into their zipline harnesses, teaching someone to standup paddle board or enjoying “Wing Night” as the sun sets over the New River Gorge.

When this battle has been won, we will all be ready to put down our screens, shake out the physical and mental cobwebs and feel the splash of a river rapid or the welcome next-day soreness that comes from an active day.

Based upon the constant washing and wiping of our cabins, dining rooms, kitchens and public spaces as well as our helmets, personal flotation devices, harness and other equipment, you should expect plenty of good clean fun.

We are constantly monitoring CDC guidance, developing new procedures and new ways to deliver our adventure products in the most socially responsible way.

In the meantime, please take care of yourself and those near you. Even though we must keep our distance from each other, we are in this together.

We absolutely look forward to seeing you at Adventures on the Gorge.

Be well,

Roger Wilson, CEO

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