Life is an ADVENTURE~ Let us GUIDE the way.

Nestled in the heart of West Virginia, Adventures on the Gorge has combined a premier location, industry expertise, and a deep enthusiasm for adventure to create a vacation experience unlike any other.

Drawn to the rim of the New River Gorge by world-class whitewater, rock climbing, mountain biking, and hiking, the founders of Adventures on the Gorge were driven to create a resort that could live up to the natural wonders that surrounded it. So, we took what nature had provided and added more than 47 years of outdoor experience, a devoted staff, and a drive to inspire others to experience the outdoors.

The result was the world’s premier adventure resort.



We are a team of passionate locals, some who grew up fishing in the New River, and some who made West Virginia their home after experiencing the thrill of paddling down the Gauley River. All of us share a love for the great outdoors, and we look forward to guiding you through your Adventures on the Gorge.

We are pioneers in the adventure resort industry, with over 40 years of experience under our belt. Adventures on the Gorge aims to provide you with the complete experience, whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-fueled adventure or the perfect venue to celebrate a special occasion.

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