Play, Eat & Sleep Your Way to Winter Weekend Perfection in the New River Gorge

If you’ve been thinking it was about time to put away your adventure gear and sit inside by the fire, think again.

The New River Gorge is known far and wide as the adventure capital of the East, and while it may have the widest array of adventure options in the summer, when winter rolls around, the adventure capital of the East…is STILL the adventure capital of the East.

The action in this world class outdoor adventure destination doesn’t stop when the seasons change, and just about anything you want to do outside can often be found within a 20-minute drive of the New River Gorge Bridge. Regardless of the weather, there is no end to the top-of-the-line adventures to be had in, on and over one of the oldest river gorges in the world.

Here’s a selection of ideas to help you play, eat and sleep your way to winter weekend perfection in West Virginia’s New River Gorge.

TimberTrek Adventure Park—in the Snow

We’re keeping TimberTrek Adventure Park open all winter long! TimberTrek is part flying circus, part ropes course, part canopy tour and all adventure. Bring your ski clothes and keep your eye out for snowy forecasts, because those times are when TimberTrek will be most fun.


There is no shortage of hiking trails in and around the New River Gorge. Whether you choose a stroll close to the river or far above it, rest assured the dramatic beauty of the area will inspire you to explore more. Here are a few of our favorites.


Winterplace Skiing and Tubing

Our adventure partner 45 minutes to the south is family-friendly with a robust instructional program for both skiing and snowboarding for kids and adults alike. And they have an exceptional tubing hill, to boot.

Mountain Biking

Trails don’t close for winter and neither does your mountain bike. Bring it, so you can sample the Arrowhead Trails along the southern rim of the New River Gorge. Locals describe them as flowing, perfect single track.

Bridge Walk

876 feet above the raging river, spans the unmistakable New River Gorge Bridge. You may have driven over it, but it’s the hidden bridge under the bridge that you shouldn’t miss. Underneath the roadway, a steel catwalk, harness and a lanyard are all that separate you from one of the most unforgettable views of your life. The bridge rattles and shakes as cars and trucks pass overhead to round out the sensory experience.

Epic Escape

Best with a small group, Epic Escape NRG will pit you and your team against the clock in a “locked” room with one objective: escape. Solve puzzles to reveal clues and more puzzles to finally win your freedom. Epic Escape has three rooms of varying difficulty from which to choose.

Cross Country Skiing

When the snow is ripe for skiing, the views will not disappoint. Keep an eye on weather reports, and when they pop, here’s a selection of top trails.




Caving in the winter gives you a break from the snow, but still lets you be out in nature. At a stable 52 degrees, you can take babies as young as .01 into the main cave. However, we recommend the Wild Cave Tour (ages 10 and up), in a real, dark, crawling-on-your-belly cave. It’s far more adventurous.

Bridge Brew Works Tap Room

How does a town as tiny as Fayetteville get its own brewery? Perseverance and dedication to a craft, two qualities the folks at Bridge Brew Works have in spades, that’s how. You can find Bridge Brew Works craft beer at most local restaurants, but for the full experience, drop into their tap room. Hours and info here

Massage/Couples’ Massage

It’s not technically an adventure. Okay, it’s technically the antithesis of an adventure, but it’s still something to put on your radar.


Two miles as the crow flies (four as the car drives) from our place, you’ll find the sleepy burg of Fayetteville, which has quietly yet aggressively seized the mantle of culinary capital of the region. An eclectic mom-and-pop mix of everything from Americana to pizza and Thai cuisine await to bookend your adventures with hearty breakfasts and dinners. Take your pick.