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2024 Gauley Season

Gauley River

Gauley Season 2024

September 6-9, 13-16, 20-23 and 27-30

October 4-6, 12-13, and 19-20

It’s here! The 2024 Gauley Season release dates have arrived. And just like Groundhog Day, this event comes once a year. For six weekends beginning in September, you can experience the best whitewater the east coast has to offer, right here in Wild & Wonderful West Virginia.

What’s the Deal with 2024 Gauley Season?

Summersville Lake is dammed during the summer, creating the recreational paradise known as Summersville Lake. But, in the fall, the gates are opened on Summersville Dam, creating guaranteed flow on the Gauley River. People from the world over come to West Virginia to experience the whitewater created by this release. There are two sections, the Upper and Lower Gauley (we kept the naming simple here). There are many ways to experience these two sections, from single day trips to multi-days and overnights. 

The Upper Gauley- 2024 Gauley Season

The Upper Gauley River is what 2024 Gauley Season is all about. Five class V rapids are spread throughout this section of the river. You’ll enjoy a riverside lunch prepared by your guides after you make it through the biggest of the rapids. This trip is not recommended for beginners and is the most challenging trip that Adventures on the Gorge offers. 

The Lower Gauley- Gauley Season 2024

The Lower Gauley IS, however, recommended for beginner rafters. While this trip is a step up from some of our summer rafting trips, it is still considered to be beginner friendly. This gorgeous stretch of whitewater descends through some of the most beautiful and secluded areas in all of West Virginia. But, it isn’t just scenery. Roller coaster rapids with huge waves are part of this trip, and you’ll also enjoy a riverside lunch part way through. 

More Gauley River Trips

Want to raft both the Upper and Lower Gauley on your trip?

There’s more than one way to make that happen. With a Gauley Marathon, you can raft both sections in the same day, 26 miles of whitewater. Or camp riverside halfway through your trip on a Deluxe Gauley River Overnight. This overnight is more than just a riverside camping experience. The Deluxe Gauley River Overnight is an experience to remember, with a special menu, woodfired hot tubs, and platform tents for all guests. It’s the perfect way to relax after tackling the Upper Gauley River. 

If you want to raft the Upper Gauley twice, you can do that too-raft it twice in the same day or spread out over two days. With the Reverse Gauley River trip, you can warm up on the Lower Gauley on day one, then head out on the Upper Gauley for day two. No matter what trip you choose, Gauley Season only comes once a year!

Start planning your trip now and experience everything that 2024 Gauley Season has to offer!

If you want to experience everything we have to offer, please call one of our adventure specialists.

Gauley River
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