10 Things to Do During Gauley Season Other Than Rafting

…there’s no better way to go home after a Gauley weekend than tired. 

10. Get a massage. You’re going to spend your entire Gauley rafting trip (especially if you’re on the Upper G) getting UNrelaxed, so to speak. So, really, doesn’t a massage just make perfect sense?

9. Escape. From an Epic Escape Room, we mean. Our adventure partner, Epic Escape New River Gorge, has three rooms ready for you. Considering how cerebral it is compared to the Gauley’s frenzy, it’s a fun and relaxing compliment to your trip.

8. Zip line faster than you’ve ever zipped before. Gravity Zip Lines is ready and waiting for you, and if your trip is near the end of Gauley Season, you get the added bonus of fall colors. Gravity has 6 lines ranging from 500 feet long to 3100 feet long. One that hangs 200 feet off the ground and one that can get you up to speeds of 65mph.

7. Hike Endless Wall or Long Point. If you’ve been here a few times, but have never actually been for a hike, what on Earth were you thinking? The is the New River Gorge, for cryin’ out loud. Mind-blowing scenic vistas are a dime a dozen, and two of the best are Diamond Point on the Endless Wall Trail and Long Point on the other side of the Gorge. It doesn’t cost anything but a couple hours of your time, and we promise you won’t come back disappointed. Here’s how to find them.

6. Ride a Fat Kat. A Fat Kat is an electric-powered cross between a mountain bike and a motor bike. The harder you peddle, the more power it sends you.Or, don’t peddle at all—just thumb the throttle and steer. Shift up and you’ll soon fly over the flats at 26mph. No joke.

5. Go to battle. If you’re here with family or friends or both, schedule a round of laser tag or, if you want to up the ante, paintball.

4. Play a round of disc golf. Nine holes on site on the rim of the New River Gorge provide another relaxing way to wind down after a big day in the big ditch. It’s free if you have your own discs. We’ll be happy to rent you a set, if you don’t.

3. Fly loops over the New River Gorge in an open-cockpit bi-plane. Another of our adventure partners can take you for a ride that is every bit as exciting as the Gauley. Barrel roll, loop-de-loop and dive your way to glory.

2.  Eat like you deserve to. Our distant ancestors wrapped up the thrill of the hunt by downing the choicest cuts of whatever saber-toothed buffalo or woolly dodo they could best in battle. Wrap up the thrill of the Gauley River in similar fashion at Smokey’s Cast Iron Grill or Chetty’s Pub. 

1. Do another Gauley run. Okay, yes, it’s rafting. But, there’s surely no better way to go home after a Gauley trip than double-Gauley tired.

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