Cool Summer Super Savings

Summer has really settled in, and it is hot, hot, hot outside. Luckily, you don’t have to break your bank account to cool down. Here are our top eight tips to save like a pro on New River Gorge summer cool downs.

1.  Raft on a weekday. 

Our peak times are summer Saturdays and September Saturdays (during Gauley Season). If you raft literally any other day, it will help you lower costs. The price per person for the Lower New River full-day raft trip on a Saturday in July is $139, but the same trip on a July Monday-Thursday is only $109. Even Fridays and Sundays offer some reprieve at $124. 

2.  Be a kid.

Our premier family-friendly whitewater rafting run is the Upper New River full-day trip. And on the Upper New, kids age 7-12 can raft for $69.50 (half the peak rate of adults). If you have a 6 year old, you’re really going to save money, because those little adventurers raft for free every day of the week!

3.  Choose a shorter trip.

Not every whitewater rafting trip we offer lasts a full day. We also have the Half-Day Rapid Run ($119 in peak summer) and the 1-2 hour New River Dash ($49 in peak summer). The Rapid Run includes all the same marquee rapids as the full-day Lower New, but doesn’t include lunch. Think of it as an express trip. The Dash is even shorter—a great way to get your feet wet, so to speak. (Except you’re actually still going to get full-body soaked.) 

4.  Book a package.

Bundle your rafting with meals and then add discounted lodging to rack up savings. Our Explore the Gorge all-inclusive style packages are especially value packed.

5.  Raft in October. 

Wily adventurers know that Gauley Season is around the bend and that the lowest prices can be found along with the prettiest scenery – in October.

6.  Raft two days in a row.

Regardless of what river you ran on day one, run any single river section on day two for just $99 per person.   

7.  Raft on Labor Day.

Our full-day Lower New River trip AND our full-day, family-friendly Upper New trip are two-for-the-price-of-one (adults only) on Labor Day. That brings the price per adult down to $69.50—and that includes lunch.

8.  Combine budget tips. 

Get creative to combine a couple of the above. They don’t all work together, but you can, for example, choose a half-day Rapid Run on a weekday for maximum savings. Or, take advantage of the Labor Day BOGO on the Upper New—mom and dad will raft two for one, and kids 12 and under will either be half price—or free if they’re 6 years old.  

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