5 New Rafting Trips in 2019

2019 is shaping up to be a bit more wild than mild. If you’re a seasoned pro on the New and Gauley Rivers (or even if you’ve never rafted at all), here are 5 new rafting trips to try with everybody from your kids to your experienced adventure buddies.  From mildest to wildest…

1. Glade Creek Canyon Rafting & Hiking

We’ve been running this trip for a couple years, but we want to make sure everybody knows about it!

Perfect for families with kids as young as eight, this trip includes a mild hike to a stunning waterfall swimming hole. Jump off the waterfall, frolic in green mountain waters, and then hop into an inflatable kayak for a Class II raft down the upper reaches of the New River. Waves come easy and the laughs last all day, and bonus: since we only take a maximum of 14 guests on this trip, it’s exclusive and uncrowded. Of course, that also means it fills up quickly, so don’t wait to pick your date.

2. The New River Dash

For those with not much time to spare – or if you just want a taste of the Lower New – the New River Dash is perfect. It puts you in the dramatic lower gorge, rafting under the famous New River Gorge Bridge. Run Class III Fayette Station Rapid, which brings reliably huge waves, then two big rapids more before taking out right below our location on the rim of the gorge. There’s a jump rock for the brave and time to swim and float, too. 

The New River Dash is only two hours long, so if you’re headed for points north or south and looking for the rest stop to end all rest stops, this is the one. 

3. The New River Dries

This is the trip we’re most excited about in 2019! 

Thanks to the the 2018 re-licensing of Hawk’s Nest Dam, we’ll enjoy reliable flows for a section of river on which we have previously been unable to run trips. 

The character of this run can change daily, and we’ll never know what to expect until the morning of your trip, so bring a sense of adventure. At low levels, we’ll run in solo inflatable kayaks. At higher flows we’ll be in rafts. One thing we can say definitively: the New River Dries is the most scenic section of the entire New River Gorge with towering cliffs that come right to the water’s edge. Do you want to make history and join us on the first commercial Dries trip? Stay tuned. We’ll announce dates as soon as we know them. 


4. The Summer Gauley Overnight

The Gauley River is famed primarily for its wild and raucous fall Gauley Season, but it actually runs almost all year long. Summer in particular brings flows ranging from low and creek-like to giant and swift and everything in between. And though we never know what to expect on a summer Gauley run until the morning of the trip, one thing of which you can be certain is that there is no mild level. The Gauley is always wilderness high adventure, and this two-day rafting-and-camping trip is a bold and beautiful way to explore it. 

Expect primitive camping, but with prepared meals to take the edge off.

.5. The Gauliathon

It doesn’t get more wild than this. 

The Gauliathon is four straight fall Gauley Season days on the water, running the wold-famous, class-V Upper Gauley twice each day and camping riverside in between. You read that right: eight Upper Gauley runs in four consecutive days. 

In addition to eight trips down the craziest stretch of whitewater around, this adventure features three nights of camping on the banks of the river, riverside meals, and more adrenaline than most people will experience in their lifetime all crammed into the most extreme four-day weekend we could dream up. This trip is not for the faint-of-heart, first-time rafters, or anyone not prepared to take on the “Big Five” Class V rapids of the Upper Gauley so many times that you are guaranteed more whitewater action than you ever wished for.  The price per person is $799, which, when you factor in meals and shuttles, brings the price per person per Gauley run to way below $100. Think of it as a bulk discount!

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