5 Non-Standard Rafting Trips for the True Gauley River Aficionado

Our most popular Fall Gauley Season rafting trips are simply the 1-day Upper Gauley and the 1-day Lower Gauley, either of which is enough adventure for most people. But for the true aficionados among you, that’s just not enough Gauley. Why settle for 5 Class V rapids when you can do 10? Why settle for 10, when you can do 40?

Wait, what?

The Gauley Reverse
In all her (ahem) wisdom, Mother Nature placed the more difficult, more climactic section of the Gauley River upstream. This would make it tricky for a first-time rafter to run the entire Gauley, since, counterintuitively, starting with the easier section means putting in downstream. Well, we’ve removed the trickiness for you with the Gauley Reverse. This is two days of rafting starting with the Class IV/V Lower Gauley on day one, and then the full-on Upper Gauley on day two. We believe this progression is the smartest way for a first time whitewater rafter to experience the Upper Gauley. And, as luck would have it, we have a righteous deal on a Gauley Reverse package that includes all your meals and camping, with lodging upgrades available (first come, first served).

Gauley Marathon
The Gauley River, from Summersville Dam to the last take-out 25 miles downstream has more than 100 rapids. 53 of those are rated Class III or above. And, rafting all of it one top-to-bottom push is known as the Gauley Marathon . It’s one wild journey, for sure.

Gauley Overnights (Deluxe, Throwback, Double Upper/Upper)
In the last year, we have expanded our options for Gauley multi-day rafting trips that include camping riverside. Choose from three main trips. Our Deluxe Overnight includes decadent glamping at Canyon Doors, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. While the Deluxe includes all the Class V excitement of the Gauley, it’s main draws are the food, the drink, the campsite, and the wood-fired hot tub. If you’re looking for the working-stiff’s version, try the Throwback Overnight , a remnant of the days when the adventure wasn’t just the main point—it was the only point. And of course, if you have no interest in running the Lower Gauley, we also offer the Double-Upper/Upper Overnight . It’s a Throwback Overnight, but with three Upper Gauley runs over two days.

Double Upper (2-day and 1-day)
Are you looking for a lot of Upper G, but not into camping? Choose a Double Upper. You can run the Upper Gauley once a day for two days, or run it twice in one day .

If ever the question, “Have you got what it takes?” were apropos, it’s now. The Gauley-Athon is four days in a row of Double Uppers, punctuated by Throwback-Overnight camping at Mason’s Branch. Let’s be clear: this is eight Upper Gauley runs in four straight days. Depending on how you count rapids, you’ll run around 320 of them. Forty of those are rated Class V. Eighty of them are rated Class IV. We strongly recommend you not attempt to drive home immediately after completing this trip.

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