5 Ways Adventure Invigorates Your Very Soul

Science tells us that a good old-fashioned adventure can help alleviate stress and anxiety of everyday life. Frankly, it's a finding that leaves us here at ADVENTURES on the Gorge saying, "Well, duh."

1.  Adventure Eliminates Bad Stress by Applying a Dose of Good Stress
Heart disease, obesity, anxiety and depression—these are all things that stress can lead to. You may think that you’re making your life better by powering through your daily challenges, but in reality, you’re literally subtracting years from your life. (And we NEVER use the word “literally” figuratively.)

Of course, we can’t just put everything aside indefinitely. We HAVE TO get to work by 9. We HAVE TO pay bills.

But we can let go of all that temporarily by taking a true vacation, even a short one. Luckily, science has figured out that the best type of vacation to fight bad stress is an adventure vacation. To be sure, adventures come with their own stress—What if I fall out of the raft?!—but it turns out those types of stress can erase the damage done by the more mundane kinds.


2.  Adventure Vacations Offer Up Oodles of Fun & Excitement
We all have that one friend who leads a nomadic life, living out of a van, guiding rafts in the Summer and ski patrolling in the Winter (or something similar). How happy is that person? Extremely so. We’re not saying you need to drop it all and buy a van, but a short jaunt into that person’s world (AKA, an adventure) will leave you grinning just as broadly.

3. Nature, My Friend. Nature. 
If you were us, you would read this article on Forest Bathing, and think, “Well, duh.” Of course, “Forest Bathing,” sounds a little flaky, and yeah, it sort of is. But those of us who step onto our porches in the morning with a cup of joe in our hands, surrounded by trees, and mulling over visions of the day’s adventures to come, understand implicitly the benefit of it. Do you need an invitation? Okay! Come on out to our place, so you can step off our porch into our trees with our joe and mull over the adventures we’re going to take you on.

4.  Adventures Give You a Sense of Accomplishment Imaging stepping over the edge of a 100′ cliff backwards. You look down to your waist and see harness, rope, a couple of metal doo-dads. The only things keeping you from the ground below are those things and your own internal voices. You know the voices: the ones that say things like, “Are you crazy?” and “Isn’t there a TV show you’d rather be binging right now?”

But with every step, those voices soften. New voices take their place, and the new voices say things like, “You can do this,” and “Hey, I AM doing it.” An adventure weekend places you in those situations, where highly trained guides can teach you what to do. And before you know it, “I can’t,” becomes “I did it.” The greater the challenge, the more sense of achievement you’ll feel afterwards.

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5. Adventures Strengthen Relationships
Embarking on a challenge with other people brings you closer together. It’s common to leave a whitewater rafting trip, for example, with a whole bunch of new friendships forged in the fires of adventure. That’s because you share trials and triumphs, and bond over those experiences.

The same goes for the people you know best. Let’s end with a quote:”My boyfriend and I were both a little hesitant about our weekend, but by the time we got done with the first zip line, we were laughing and high-fiving like we’d never met each other before. By the time we were through the first rapid on our rafting trip, we had long since forgotten everything that had been gnawing at us from home. There were no deadlines, no bosses, and no place we had to be by whatever time. We were just together in the moment, alternately in awe of our surroundings and astounded by what we were accomplishing together.” —Katrina H., Adventures on the Gorge guest.


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