Adventures by Ages

It’s a simple fact of parenting—you can no longer vacation without considering what your little ones can do, too. Well, fret not, harried moms and dads. To simplify your summer getaway planning, we’ve prepared this list of adventures by ages, so you can see exactly where your offspring can follow (or lead as the case may be).

Adventures for younger than 4

Welcome to the world little adventurer! Canyon Falls Pool and Canyon Rim Playground are both wide open for you. Bonus for your caregivers: our playground is shaded. Super bonus: they may obtain an adult beverage at Smokey’s and carry it down to the playground.

Age 4

TimberTrek Adventure Park, an obstacle course in the trees, is one of two primary adventures for young hearts yearning to be wild.

Age 6

Rafting on the Upper New River is the other. (Six year olds raft free every day, all summer long.) At age 6, you can also go on our Summersville Lake Adventures and Guided Hikes.

Age 8

You’re beginning to gain an understanding of the world around you. That means you can go Rock Climbing, raft two additional river sections (Glade Creek Canyon and the class-III River Dash) and go smallmouth bass Fishing from a whitewater raft.

Age 9

The whitewater options get extreme for 9 year olds with the addition of the Family Lower New. This is the same class-IV Lower New as the adults run, but at typically lower Summer levels with senior guides in rafts equipped with oars (which give them much more control).

Age 10

Are you ready fly? Once you have a decade of life behind you, there’s a range of aerial and zip-line options, which heretofore were unavailable. First, try the blue course on TimberTrek Adventure Park. Though it’s not the most difficult, it is the longest and tallest of the five courses. Then, assuming you weigh at least 90 pounds, don a harness for TreeTops Zipline Canopy Tour, which has 10 lines and 5 sky-bridges.

Adventures for 10 year olds that do not involve heights include Laser Tag and Paintball, both of which add a cat-and-mouse element of excitement to the list. There’s also Stand-Up Paddleboarding, Mountain Biking, and Kayaking.

Age 12

Now we’re getting serious. At twelve, you can raft the Lower New River at any level we run. You can also fly farther, higher and faster on Gravity Zip Lines, as long as you weigh at least 100 lbs.

Age 15

Good Gauley, you’re as tall as your parents and probably stronger. And that means you can now raft the world-famous Gauley River, including the Lower Gauley, the class-V Upper Gauley, and both the Deluxe Overnight and the Throwback Overnight. The most extreme Gauley trips, however, are still out of reach until you’re…

Age 16

The world is your oyster. The Gauley River Marathon and the Double Upper are your shiny new pearls. But there’s more: you can also shred the trails on a Fat Kat. In fact, there’s only one Adventure on the Gorge for which you are still not old enough.

Age 18

Congratulations! You have attained the coveted Age of Majority. You can write your own absence notes at school, sign your own waiver AND join us for a Cast and Blast, but please don’t ask us for an adult beverage.

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