Adventures on a Budget

A life lived without adventure isn’t much of a life. We could even argue that dabbling in activities in which the outcome is a little uncertain is crucial for everybody who wants to really feel alive, rather than simply going through the motions day in and (yawn) day out. That’s sort of why we’re here; I mean, “Adventures” is our first name, after all.

But while adventure is essential for you, it’s unquestionably bad for your wallet. Your money thrives on boredom. We understand this implicitly, which is why we have all these ways to save money all year long. Here are the 9 best, in order of greatest savings potential to least.

There are no expiration dates on this list and few restrictions, so knock yourself out. Some, you can even combine for a much bigger savings effect. Give us a call or chat with us for specific info.

  1. Get on our email list. This is the only way to guarantee that when we have a sale, we can tell you about it directly. You can sign up on our homepage; just click this, then scroll down. Want to see all of our active deals right now?
  2. Book a package, instead of adventuring a la carte. Bundle everything together and save like mad. Here are our pre-built packages, but to really save, go all inclusive with our Explore the Gorge Vacations.
  3. Schedule your vacation for weekdays. It is substantially cheaper to whitewater raft on weekdays and zip line on weekdays. Even if you’re booking a full-on package, the rates are also usually lower if you’re not here on a weekend.
  4. Visit in Winter. Seriously, the New River Gorge is beautiful all year round, and between November and March, we slash our cabin rates to a fraction of what they are in the Spring, Summer and Fall. TreeTops Zip Line Canopy Tour is also open year round, and rates are much lower in the cold months. Dress like you’re going skiing. Heck, go skiing, too. Winterplace is just down the road.
  5. Be a youth. Many of our adventures and packages have lower rates for people under the age of 12. For example, six year olds raft for free every day. (That’s not a mistake. Six year olds raft the Upper New River for free, even on Saturdays.)
  6. Live in West Virginia. West Virginia residents enjoy a 15% discount across the board (not combinable with other deals and discounts) on all our in-house adventures, including rafting, zipping and a lot more.
  7. Book multiple adventures. Even if you are booking your trip a la carte, we’ll give you a big discount on multiple in-house activities. So, let’s say you’re here to whitewater raft. Add, for example, TreeTops Zip Line Canopy Tour and a Summersville Lake Adventure and Paintball, and we’ll knock off $20 per person for both the Lake Adventure AND the Paintball. There’s no limit to the number of adventures you can add to your vacation and the number of times you can save $20.
  8. Bring a lot of people. If you have ten people or more white water rafting or zip lining, we’ll take off $5 per person. If you have 24 or more, that goes up to $10 per person.
  9. Pre-book some stuff. If you pre-book your meals, for example, you can save an average of $5 per person per meal. You can also save by pre-booking your rafting video and photos.

There you go. Happy birthday—or any day, for that matter. Play your cards right, maybe combine a few of these, and you could have the time of your life while your wallet sleeps through the whole thing.

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