Magical Moments from Overnight Rafting Trips

The Best Whitewater in America, keeps them coming back for more year after year.

The elation of whitewater rafting is on pause and the day is winding down. Here’s what you still have to look forward to.

1. That moment when you settle into a chair by the river. You’re clean and dry and cozy. You can smell dinner cooking. This is the moment when the true nature of a multi-day rafting trip becomes apparent—because even though the day is done, the trip is far from finished. There may be a warm fire associated with this moment. Bask in its glow.

2. That moment when you lay your head on your pillow. Dinner has settled. Dusk has descended. The stars are twinkling and the river is whispering a song of slumber. You may still feel like you’re bobbing along in the current. Your eyelids grow heavy as your sleeping bag cuddles you close. Are you ready for the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had?

3. That moment when you wake in paradise. The air is cool, and the river does not appear to have taken a break from its lullaby. Don’t lie there too long—you’ve got another day of adventure ahead and there’s coffee that needs drinking. Is that breakfast you smell? Yes, because your guides have already been up for an hour cooking. This day belongs to you. Own it.

All the Class V excitement, plus the legendary Canyon Doors basecamp, food, beverages, and wood-fired hot tub.

The Gauley River Deluxe Overnight trip is an unforgettable outdoor glamping experience that combines adrenaline pumping whitewater rafting, capped with a chef-prepared dinner, and a luxurious stay at our Canyon Doors camp. After completing a full day of Class V whitewater, the trip takes you into the depths of the stunning Gauley River Canyon. The evening is spent at our Canyon Doors camp relaxing in wood-fired hot tubs in the banks of the river, telling stories around the campfire, and enjoying a delicious dinner prepared for you by our riverside chef.

Two days and a night on the Class-II Upper New River. Includes all the fun and relaxation your family craves.

Enjoy the gentle rapids and long wave trains of the scenic Upper New River during the day, and relax underneath the stars as we camp overnight on a secluded beach.

The working person’s adventure—like back in the day, when the rapids, not the hot-tub, were the point of the experience.

Get the full outdoor adventure experience with our Gauley River Overnight trip. Beginning with the Upper Gauley trip on day 1, you will spend an evening at our Mason’s Branch camp and continue down the Gauley on the second day.

Three days and two nights in the New River Gorge with a wild climax on the Class IV Lower New River.

Fully embrace the New River Gorge with this 2-day overnight rafting trip that brings together the Upper New with the thrilling Lower New, split up by a night of camping on the banks of the river.

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