The Secret of the Cabin Names

That cabin isn’t called Pillow Rock because the beds are too hard, oh no. And that other one? Let’s just say Sweet’s Falls has nothing to do with pleasant dreams. Rather, our cabin names come from storied white water rapids on the rivers we regularly run and, in some cases, they’re named after placid creeks and limpid pools.

Okay, that all seems logical, but there’s one more element in the cabin naming equation, and it’s pretty important. Something about that cabin evokes thoughts of its namesake rapid.

Of course, unlike those rapids, our cabins are especially accessible in Winter, when the bottom falls out our prices. In fact, if you stay with us before the end of February 2016, we’ll give you a per-night rate that is half the summer rate.

Here’s a rundown of a few of our favorites.

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Glade Creek

Hike a short way to the water fall on Glade Creek, a New River tributary, and you might think it’s the most romantic place on Earth. Well, so is Glade Creek the cabin. Add a full kitchen and a private hot tub, and won’t have to leave it the entire time you’re here. Learn more about it. 


Lost Paddle

Lost Paddle the rapid on the Upper Gauley is long on detail and short on forgettable things, and this cabin, a 2-bedroom Deluxe, is no different. Only 2 bedrooms there may be, but you can easily sleep six or seven in this beauty. And it’s a Deluxe-class cabin, which means a full kitchen, private hot tub and more. Check it out.


Double Z

Run the mighty New River any time of year and you’ll be utterly impressed by the size and detail of Double Z rapid. This Outback cabin is no different. A full kitchen and private hot tub add to the allure. Have a closer look.


Backender, the Lower Gauley rapid, starts easy and builds to an amazing crescendo as you plow into a wall of white in a boat filled with your best friends. That’s excitement you feel when you stay in a 3-bedroom Deluxe cabin filled with friends, like this one. And yes, a full kitchen and private hot tub sit atop this cabin’s lengthy list of amenities. Click for more.


Sweet Falls

In the Upper Gauley class-V rapid, Sweet’s Falls, you’ll drift slowly into a maelstrom of foamy white chaos. Make it through the eponymous Falls and you’re not done, though, because in Sweet’s Falls, it ain’t over ’till it’s over. Get around a boulder called Postage Due or brave the Box canyon, where anything can (and typically does) happen. And when you vacation in a 4-bedroom Deluxe cabin like Sweet’s Falls, you’ll feel the same way; your vacation isn’t over until you close the door the last time. Full kitchen… hot tub… yada yada. See it to believe it.

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