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Lower New River Overnight Whitewater Rafting Adventures on the Gorge

An enormous heat wave has swallowed much of the Lower 48, bringing a long stretch of temperatures in the 90s, above the century mark in some locations. says that 40 million people could see temperatures above 100.

Summer in the east is many things, but mostly hot and humid. The good news is with the 47 plus years of cool mountain-river experience, we have the answer for how to help you BEAT THE HEAT.

When it comes to cooling down on a summer day, there is no better way than to be on the river. The Class IV Lower New River is especially popular for overheated adventurers seeking relief and endless laughs. The Family Lower New offers rafting fun for adventurers ages 10 and up. The Lower New Whitewater Rafting (ages 12 and up) allows for a fun filled day of splashes, waves, jump rocks and rapids.

Keeneys 4 Beat The Heat 1

The Upper New River also has calmer sections filled with Class I-II whitewater that allows for a fun rafting experience for kids as young as 6. And bonus: kids 11 and under raft free on the Upper New with a paying adult.

Unew 67 Beat The Heat

The Glade Creek Canyon Rafting & Hiking (minimum age 8) offers a calm rafting experience with waterfalls, swimming holes and jump rocks.

Not into water to cool off, no problem! We can help you cool off by flying high and zipping through the air. Gravity Ziplines contain multiple zips including 1.6 miles of cable allowing you the ability to reach speeds often in excess of 60 mph.

Gravity Beat The Heat

For a more relaxing way to cool off, head over to Canyon Falls Pool. The deck overhangs the rim of the New River Gorge with breathtaking views. Along with two pool levels split by a waterfall and splash area for kids, the Pool Snack Shack offers a variety of options to help you cool off.

Pool Pic Beat The Heat

Regardless of how you plan to Beat the Heat, here are a few ideas and survival tips to keep in mind.

  1. Stock up on Sunscreen.
    Wearing sunscreen goes without saying, but it’s the frequency that you put it on that’s key. Apply early and often.
  2. Bring a carabiner and a water bottle.
    Staying hydrated is not really an option, it’s a must. Invest in a carabiner. Clip it on your water bottle before you go out and you’ll be able to hook it anywhere on the raft, your belt loop, backpack, etc.
  3. Wear UPF Clothing.
    Invest in some lightweight UPF clothes that will provide extra help in blocking those UV rays even if you forget to dab the sunscreen underneath your armpit. And if you can only splurge on one piece of gear, choose a long-sleeve shirt with a UPF rating.
  4. Shade is your friend.
    Ever wonder why it feels 10 degrees cooler in the shade? Your body can stay cooler when the sun isn’t directly hitting your skin. So seek out shade when possible throughout your day out in nature.
  5. Know your body’s cooling points.
    You’ve probably heard that you can pour water over your wrists or neck to cool off quickly, but there are many other cooling points on your body. The reason this remedy works is because your wrist and neck both contain pulse points—essentially, areas where you can feel your pulse because your blood vessels are close to the surface of your skin. Because they are so close, however, you can also cool off your blood and body temperature by getting the area in contact with cool water.

However, your neck and wrists are not the only pulse points on your body (though your neck is arguably one of the most effective). The insides of your elbows and knees are two other common pressure points, as well as the tops of your feet and insides of your ankle (near the area where your ankle bone sticks out). There’s also a pulse point on your inner thighs. And, while the forehead is commonly used as a cooling spot, the pulse point on your head is actually closer to your temple and the area just in front of your ear.

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If you want to experience everything we have to offer, please call one of our adventure specialists.

Lower New River Overnight Whitewater Rafting Adventures on the Gorge
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