Are we required to use a company card/check to pay for our event?

The Adventures on the Gorge corporate sales team is more than willing to work with your budget to provide the best trip possible for your group. We are able to separate the total into per person rates and will provide individual invoicing for each member should that be requested. Adventures on the Gorge understands that each corporate meeting or retreat is different and may want different things; allow us to tailor-make an excursion that is right for you.

When is the best time to book my meeting?

Sunday to Thursday is prime window for meetings that need lodging. We have our best rates on these days and will have plenty of availability for meeting spaces for your group. Though this is during a normal workweek, nothing is better than productivity while enjoying the beautiful New River Gorge. What better way to revitalize your team than team building in the great outdoors?

Are we required to raft if we have a meeting at Lookout Post?

Though not required, we do greatly suggest taking part in any of the wonderful adventures offered at Adventures on the Gorge. We offer special group rates for adventure activities and can find an adventure to fit any member of the group! Adventures on the Gorge offers full day excursions and half-day options, from water activities to aerial and land. We have so many options to allow for every group a chance to let their hair down and get outside to enjoy the New River Gorge.

Can my family come with me while I’m in my meetings?

Though we can’t speak for your company policy, Adventures on the Gorge is a family friendly environment with activities and adventures for any age. We also offer the option of separate lodging per person based on availability; should a team member wish to bring family or just want to have a cabin to themselves. Adventures on the Gorge and your corporate sales team are here to meet all your needs while you are staying and playing with us