Buy Photos and Videos

Each morning, the videographer picks up his/her camera and loads their equipment onto the Adventure Bus.  They begin filming at Basecamp and ride the bus to the river with guests to document the journey.  Once on the water, he/she will sprint ahead of the trip in a kayak to film each raft coming through the major rapids.

At the end of the day, the videographer returns with the trip and begins editing, mixing and producing a custom video of your day on the river.  After producing your video, the videographer will premiere an entertaining video on the big screen TV of Chetty’s or Rendezvous.  The HD USB drives are available for purchase immediately.  To insure your trip is videoed, we recommend you pre-pay before your trip.

Whitewater Photography shouts several photographs of each raft during your trip.  8X10 photographs are delivered to our facility each afternoon.  You can purchase a photo or a CD of all your favorite shots.

We want you to enjoy your adventure to the fullest, so if you miss taking pictures, we have photos and videos of you available.


Buy your high-res whitewater rafting photos.

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