Laser Tag - Adventures on the Gorge

Laser Tag

Laser Tag may not come to mind when you think of adventure sports in the forests of West Virginia, but our course is a great active adventure for all ages.

The rules for the game are similar to those of paintball, in which you and your team attempt to shoot and take out members of the rival team over complex, wooded terrain. It’s like a combination of tag, hide-and-seek, and paintball, all in a challenging outdoor setting.

The obvious difference between Laser Tag and Paintball, however, is that being “shot” during Laser Tag is completely painless, safe, and thus does not require the safety gear of paintballing. It’s still incredibly fun and exhilarating.

Hone your outdoor survival and strategy skills and book a Laser Tag adventure!

Minimum Age: 10

Laser Tag FAQs

Guide Information

Our guides are trained as official Laser Tag “refs.” They’ll set up your guns and headbands, explain rules, provide tips about course strategy, and make sure you get out of the woods safely and in one piece.

What’s Provided

You’ll be given a sighted laser-shooting gun, as well as a headband that tracks shots.

What to Bring

As with all our active forest adventures, closed-toed shoes are required. You may also want to wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts for protection from branches and thorns.

Time on Trip

You will check-in for Laser Tag on our Mill Creek Campus for your 9am, 1pm, or 5pm game, which will be for 2 hours on our on-campus wooded course.

Requirements & Restrictions

Laser Tag participants must be at least 10 years of age.

Trip Safety

The “lasers” that our guns shoot are about the same as those on your TV remote; they’re not even as visible or strong as those on laser pointers! When your opponent successfully “shoots” you within the head range as determined by your provided headband, you’ll simply be informed that you’ve been shot. It’s much less messy than paintball, and with fewer potential hazards.

Laser Tag takes place in a wild Appalachian forest, and the same precautions that you would take on our guided hikes or bike rides should be heeded. Snakes, spiders, ticks, and other small wildlife may be encountered. We try to keep the wooded course free of briers, poison ivy, hazardous branches, and other hazards, but participants should still maintain situational awareness.