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Meet Your Guide – Sara Brubaker

Sara Brubaker Aerial Manager Adventures on the Gorge

Adventures on the Gorge: How and when did you become an aerial adventure guide?

Sara Brubaker: I started out in the retail store here at Adventures in 2014. I quickly realized I wanted to be an aerial guide, so I trained. I thought I would only work a season or two, but it turns out I found my passion!

AOTG: What is your favorite part of your job?

Sara: I love running trips and managing, but my favorite part of my job is taking care of the forest and our courses. We treat the Hemlock trees on property for an invasive pest and have to monitor the general health of the forest around our courses and campus. I also love taking care of small maintenance projects around our courses. It’s a lot of fun.

AOTG: What is your favorite part about spending time in up in the trees?

Sara: I truly feel at peace in the woods. And I love sharing it with other people.

AOTG: What are three reasons people should book an aerial adventure?

Sara: If you want to experience an amazing, professionally guided tour with lots of scenery and interesting interp, you should definitely come out and enjoy one of our tours. There’s also some adrenaline and excitement involved!

Sara 3
Sara Gravity

AOTG: What makes Adventures on the Gorge different and special?
Sara: We are an amazing adventure resort with options for everyone. And we have genuine people who love sharing what they do.

AOTG: What is your advice to a first time Aerial Adventurer? What trip do you suggest they take?

Sara: Gravity is fast and fun, but also the easiest! Anyone can do it! TreeTops is a little more technical with a ton of great interp and views that are ever changing and can’t be beat! TimberTrek is a challenging workout in the trees with courses for every age. Bring your a-game!

AOTG: What is your favorite memory at Adventures on the Gorge?

Sara: I was out opening our canopy tour (we zip through to check things daily before guests arrive) and as I was crossing Mill Creek a Blue Heron stirred up out of the water and flew underneath me for an entire zipline! It was magical!

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If you want to experience everything we have to offer, please call one of our adventure specialists.

Sara Brubaker Aerial Manager Adventures on the Gorge
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