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Ways to Save Money This Gauley Season

Gauley River throwback overnight

Gauley Season is almost here! If we’re being honest (which we are), we haven’t been this excited for Gauley Season since last Gauley Season! Here’s the scoop on the best days of the year:

The Upper Gauley is comprised of two sections, the Upper and the Lower. The Upper is home to five Class V rapids, including Pillow Rock, Sweet’s Falls, and Lost Paddle. It’s hard-hitting, fast paced whitewater that isn’t recommended for beginner rafters. The Lower Gauley, however, delivers incredible whitewater with roller coaster waves and two Class Vs, but is more beginner friendly, offering an accessible way to tackle the Gauley.

This year, Gauley Season begins on September 9th and runs for six weekends into October. If you haven’t already planned your trip, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways that you can save on your Gauley River rafting trip.

Raft on Friday, Sunday or Monday. Always lower rates.

Pro Tip: Saturdays are the busiest days on the river, and the prices are a bit higher. Rafting on other Gauley release days will help you save!

Raft after the first weekend of October. Rates go down dramatically on October 7th. 

The final two weekends of Gauley Season offer the best rates on the river. Want to save big? Visit us in October and you will!

Choose the Upper Gauley Express trip instead of the full day.

You’ll still experience all five Class V rapids on the Upper Gauley, but without the full-day price. This option is also great for those who can’t commit an entire day to the river.

Choose a Double Upper (1-day) or a Gauley Marathon.

Double your rafting and cut costs! On a Double Upper (1 day), you’ll raft the Upper Gauley twice in the same day. A Gauley Marathon includes all 26 miles of the Gauley!

Raft two days in a row.

If you raft two days on the Gauley, your second trip is just $99. Raft the Upper twice, the Lower Twice, or both the Upper and Lower! Pro tip: if you want to “warm up” on the Lower Gauley, raft it on the first day and the Upper on the second!

Bonus: Combine 2 or more of the above. For example, book a Gauley Reverse for Sunday, October 9 and Monday, October 10. That’s $199—less than $100 per trip!  

Plan your Gauley River trip soon! It only happen once a year, don’t miss out on the fun of Gauley Season in 2022!  

If you want to experience everything we have to offer, please call one of our adventure specialists.

Gauley River throwback overnight
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