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What if it Rains?

What if it rains? Whitewater Rafting in the Rain Adventures on the Gorge

When the clouds roll in and mother nature starts doing her thing, customers often ask us if it is okay to go rafting in the rain. Is it ok to be on the water during a storm? Is rafting still fun when you’re taking on more moisture than just whitewater splashes? The answer to all of these questions is: YES! Considering you will be getting wet anyways, we like to think of whitewater rafting as the perfect rainy day activity. Our trips continue rain or shine!

Rafting outfitters around the globe run commercial whitewater rafting trips in all types of weather – hot & sunny, cool & rainy and everything in between. Since we cannot control the weather, we are prepared for all kinds of conditions on the river and make recommendations to guests on what to bring and wear on the river based on the predicted forecast.

So what to do if you have booked a white water rafting trip and the clouds have shown up and it is raining …

First, look at it this way: what other outdoor activity is going to be fun in the rain? Many activities will be cancelled or impacted. For example, are you going to the amusement park? big rides will be shut down for safety. Are you going for a Rail Trail bike ride? – yuk. Maybe you are renting a boat on the lake for some tubing? – much better in the warm sun than getting rain drops in the face at 35MPH!

Second and most important, don’t think you have gotten unlucky or shortchanged! Rafting in the rain can be a special and unique experience.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Go Whitewater Rafting in the Rain

  1. Be a kid again!
    It’s really the perfect opportunity to let loose and relive those childhood memories of playing in the rain and splashing in water puddles. Except this time, you’ll be playing on a raft and splashing in the waves! Didn’t your parents ever tell you “you’re not made of sugar you won’t melt in the rain!”
  2. Don’t let the rain wash your plans away!
    It’s honestly a great rain day activity because, regardless of the weather, you’re going to get WET! And really, what else would you do on a rainy day…stay inside?
  3. See the river like you’ve never seen it before!
    The water may be falling from the sky, but it doesn’t stop when it hits the ground. All that water flows into the many creeks feeding into our rivers, which means water levels rise. The rain water results in fast flows and sizable rapids, and make for a totally different experience on the river! So if you’ve been on the river before at lower water levels, you’re in for a surprise! But don’t let the high water levels get your nerves jittering, our team of expert guides always stay on top of the changing conditions on the river. So listen up to their instructions and you’ll be right as rain!
  4. Make the most of summer!
    It might be raining, but it isn’t winter cold! The skies may be grey, water might be falling from the sky, but the air isn’t freezing yet! On colder rainy days, wetsuits and splash jackets are available to help keep you warm. Not only that, we’ll also keep you paddling and moving around throughout the trip. No huddling around watching the waves go by, this is an adventure that keeps you in action!

For those sensitive to the cold, you can add some extra layers to your gear by wearing some thermals and polypropylenes. But careful, you want to avoid cotton at all cost!

  1. Who knew rafting was so fun!
    Ok, we did. No matter the weather, our rafting trips are always an amazing journey to remember! The rivers of the New River Gorge offer some world-class rafting and scenery. To top it off, we have some of the best guides in the industry with great local, historical and environmental knowledge, and most importantly extensive river and safety experience. They’re also just plain fun! At the end of the trip, you’ll go home telling your friends and family about the rafting trip that was the shining sun of your rainy summer!

Bottom line–rain or shine–you are going to get wet and you are going to have an amazing time!

If you want to experience everything we have to offer, please call one of our adventure specialists.

What if it rains? Whitewater Rafting in the Rain Adventures on the Gorge
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