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What to Wear Ziplining

Gravity Zipline New River Gorge WV

Ziplining is a year-round activity at Adventures on the Gorge. No matter the season, our TreeTops Canopy Tour provides thrills and stunning views. Gravity Ziplines, our high-speed zipline tour, embarks during the spring, summer, and fall months. Knowing what you need to wear during each season can make your adventure that much better.

Ziplining in the Spring 

Our season kicks off in the spring, so ziplining in the spring is a very popular activity! So, what to wear for ziplining in the spring? 

Wear layers! Sometimes temperatures can be quite cool when you start out on your ziplining adventure, but as temperature rise during your trip, you can always shed your sweatshirt or jacket. 

Bring a raincoat! Rain showers can pop up during your trip, and having a raincoat just in case will help you be more comfortable in the event of a surprise rain shower. 

Closed-toe shoes. Do you need shoes for ziplining? YES! And, it’s important that you wear secure, closed-toe shoes. Even if you want to let your pigs fly (we had to throw in some hyperbole) you want to make sure you keep your toes protected. 

Ziplining in the Summer

Ziplining in the summer is all about dressing for the temperature outside. Sometimes it can be really hot and humid in West  Virginia during the summer, so wearing the right ziplining clothes is important to make your trip amazing! 

Shorts. You can wear shorts while ziplining, and we do recommend it if you’re ziplining on a hot day. But, if your shorts are shorter than the harness loops, you may experience some discomfort, so wearing longer shorts is advised. 

Raincoat. Just like springtime, summer rains also move through the New River Gorge on occasion. Bringing a raincoat with you on your trip will help you stay dry in the event of a pop-up shower. 

Closed-toe shoes. Can you zipline with sandals? Nope! Year-round you need to make sure you are wearing shoes that are closed-toe and remain securely on your feet. Tennis shoes and hiking shoes are great options. We love Crocs as much as the next person, but please don’t wear them for your ziplining trip. 

Ziplining in the Fall 

Fall is a magical time to zipline with us. The leaves begin to change, turning our lush West Virginia forests into an oasis of yellows, reds, and oranges. What to wear when ziplining in the fall? We have a few suggestions. 

Layers will be your best friend. Just like the spring, it’s important to dress in layers during the fall. Temperatures fluctuate throughout the day, so wearing a fleece or light jacket that you can take off during your trip will help make you more comfortable. 

Can I wear leggings to zipline? Absolutely! Comfortable and flexible pants will allow you more movement, allowing you to work on your best zipline poses. 

Closed toe shoes. As always, this is a must! 

Ziplining in the Winter

We love the crisp winter air and the quiet of the woods after a snowfall. What better way to experience the beauty of West Virginia during the winter than with a zipline tour? In the winter, perhaps more than any other season, it’s important to know what to wear ziplining. 

Check the weather. Winter in West Virginia is very variable. Some days are warm, and some days are cold and snowy. 

Warm Socks. As Dumbledore said, “One can never have enough socks.” You can’t overpack socks for your winter zipline tour! We want to make sure your feet stay warm, so if the weather is cold, wear warm socks! 

Gloves. You’ll be wearing gloves throughout your TreeTops tour, but layering a thin pair of gloves underneath the leather gloves we provide you with will help to keep your hands warmer. 

Snow Pants. Those ski pants you haven’t worn since you gave up on ski lessons 3 years ago? They may come in handy as zipline clothes! If the weather is cold or snowy, snow pants will keep you warmer than jeans or leggings (although leggings make a great baselayer!). 

Coat. If the weather is cold, make sure to bring a warm coat! Layering underneath the coat is a great way to keep warm too.

Shoes. We doubt anybody would want to wear sandals during a winter zipline trip, but just in case: make sure to wear closed toe shoes! Warm hiking boots that offer traction are the perfect footwear in the event of snowy conditions. 

Year-Round Suggestions

Wear sunscreen and bug spray. Although you will be in the tree canopy (especially on our TreeTops Canopy Tour), sunscreen is an important addition to your zipline clothes: just in case. And, during warm weather, If you find that mosquitos love you, make sure to use some bug spray as well! 

Camera. You’re going to want to take photos throughout our zipline courses, trust us! Our guides are incredible at teaching you about the flora of our region, keeping your safety as their number one priority, being comedians, and taking photos too! If you bring your camera or cell phone on your tour, make sure it can be securely attached to you. Phone cases with straps are available for purchase in our on-site stores. 

A smile! Ok, we know this one is corny, but we love to see your smiles (and occasionally screams of joy) on our zipline tours!

This year, take a zipline adventure to Adventures on the Gorge, where two unique zipline adventures await your arrival. And, now that you know what to wear, you’ll know what to pack for your trip! See you on the ziplines! 

If you want to experience everything we have to offer, please call one of our adventure specialists.

Gravity Zipline New River Gorge WV
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