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White Water Rafting in April is AWESOME

A group of rafters go white water rafting in April

Springtime is for growth, new beginnings, and the start of white water rafting season!

April brings blooming wildflowers, longer days, the promise of a glorious summer ahead, and the best-kept secret in the rafting world: the beginning of white water rafting season! 

Choosing to go white water rafting in April, on the first available rafting tours of the season, has a lot of advantages! Springtime in the New River Gorge National Park & Preserve in West Virginia showcases herself with unique flora and fauna blossoming all around the mountains. Running through the heart of the national park, you’ll find the New River. This river celebrates a long and storied history, with rafting becoming popular on its waters in the 1970s. 

Today, thousands of people take to the waters of the New River during the summer, while the secret (and we like to think super special) spring whitewater season starts in April! We like to call it the best-kept secret for a lot of reasons.

8 Reasons to go White Water Rafting in April

We think that white water rafting in April is the best way to help usher in the spring season. Here some of our favorite of reasons to get ahead of the season and go white water rafting as soon as the season opens in April. 

  1. Big Water. White water rafting in April means BIG WATER. Spring rains bring more volume to the New River, creating huge wave trains and mountains of whitewater. This is whitewater that is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. And the beauty of the New River Gorge makes it that much better. 
  2. Seclusion. Choosing to take your white water rafting trip in April provides rafters with a secluded version of the New River. Fewer people tend to raft in the spring, allowing you to experience what makes the New River Gorge amazing while sharing the river with fewer people. 
  3. Spring Break! You know what’s better than Spring Break on a crowded beach? Spring Break in the mountains of West Virginia with an adventure of a lifetime. April is prime white water rafting season in the New River Gorge, making it the ultimate adventure destination when you find yourself with some vacation time to spend. 
  4. The energy is palpable. The excitement in the air as a new white water rafting season begins is all around. Guides are excited to get back out on the water after a winter away, and guests are excited to share the adventure. You’ll be among the first people to hit the water for the new whitewater rafting season, making you part of a pretty special bunch. Worried about the cold? We have wetsuits and splash tops to keep you toasty while you’re on the river. 
  5. Watching the Gorge come alive. Spring is a beautiful time in the New River Gorge. The trees begin to bud and turn green during April, and it’s incredible to see that change happening from the river in the 1,000 foot deep New River Gorge. Red buds and dogwood trees are among the first to bloom, creating a colorful experience for those lucky enough to take to the river during their blooming season. 
  6. History. Rafting in the spring, without all the foliage on the trees, also allows adventurers to better see some of the riverside ruins of old coal mining towns that once were plentiful and prosperous in the New River Gorge. These once thriving towns have, in some places, returned to dust, but some can still be seen from the river and select trails. 
  7. You’ve experienced the summertime New River. Ok, so you may be thinking, “I’ve rafting the New River before, why do it again?” Because white water rafting in April is totally different! The big water means that the rapids you experienced during the summertime will be changed from their summer fun. The big waves from spring rains create a totally new experience, making it a must do rafting trip. 
  1. Cabin deals. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the best things about rafting in April. You’ll save big on lodging! Through the end of April, select cabins at Adventures on the Gorge are up to 50% off. After your day on the river, there is something special about relaxing in your private hot tub. Go ahead, treat yourself. 

This April, experience whitewater rafting in the New River Gorge, and check out our best kept secret: thrilling whitewater, huge waves, and huge fun. 

TLDR:  Is April a good time to raft? Yes! With big water and big waves, whitewater rafting season really begins in April! It’s the kickoff to our season, and a great time to get outside and get ready for the season ahead. Get out on the river in April for spring river rafting and you’ll experience the New River in a way that is sure to be memorable! 

What is the best month to go white water rafting? We like spring river rafting because the water is big, the crowds are minimal, and the fun is incomparable. But, to be honest, we think the best month to go rafting is whenever you can! Whether you join us for a rafting trip in the spring, summer, or fall with us, you’re sure to have an amazing time. 

Why do people go white water rafting? It’s an adventure unlike any other! White water rafting in West Virginia is away from the hustle and bustle of big cities while enjoying the thrill of the river and the seclusion of the New River Gorge National Park. Some people want to experience something new, while others have caught whitewater fever and want to raft as many rivers as they can!

What to you wear white water rafting in April? Ok, this may seem like a complicated question, but we promise, it’s not! It’s as simple as renting a wetsuit and splash gear from us! You’ll stay warm on the river if you’re dressed for the season! 

What time of year can you raft? We raft from April-October every year! April is the start of white water rafting season. Spring river rafting provides an opportunity for you to experience the river, scenery, and thrills in a way that not many have done! 

Aerial Photo Shows New River Gorge Bridge With Rafts Underneath

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