8 Autumn Adventures for Fall Family Fun

Labor Day cometh…and then Labor Day goeth leaving behind that post-summer ennui. Don’t go quietly into that dark season! Instead, turn autumn into your family’s own personal adventure encore. Any or all of these eight adventures on the New River Gorge can send those sad back-to-school spirits soaring sunward once again.

TimberTrek Adventure Park, ages 4 and up.
Part obstacle course, part canopy tour, and all fun—TimberTrek Adventure Park is where you and your kids can play as hard as you want, and nobody ever has to say, “Get down from there.” Bonus: If your under-10-year-old wants to zipline, this is the place to do it. We have also just recently added a course that lowers the TimberTrek minimum age to 4.

Rock Climbing & Rappelling, ages 8 and up.
What do you get when you lay a river on top of a 100-foot-thick geologic stratum of iron-laced sandstone, and then let them interact for around 400 million years? You get primo rock climbing and rappelling against the stunning backdrop of the New River Gorge. Unfortunately, it’s a horrible idea to try rock climbing with little or no experience on one’s own. Fortunately, it’s a great idea to hire a guide! That’s where we come in—with the skills and gear to help you and your clan enjoy one of the most thrilling and classic New River Gorge adventures we offer.

Guided Hiking, ages 8 and up.
The fall foliage here is about as spectacular as you can imagine, and the New River Gorge is filled to overflowing with stunning vistas. Eliminate the guesswork and route finding; we can take you right to them.

Float Fishing, ages 8 and up.
Fishing from a whitewater raft is a unique way to experience the New River Gorge. Bonus: The New is also one of the country’s premier destinations for smallmouth bass, a species known for its feistiness. Autumn angling is bountiful here, and we know all the best spots to cast.

Mountain Biking, ages 10 and up.
Much of the world already knows the New River Gorge is a Mecca for whitewater rafting and rock climbing. Did you know it’s also one of the East’s up-and-coming epicenters for mountain biking? With miles and miles of trails constructed specifically for two-wheeled fun, it’s no wonder every other car here has a bike on top. Let’s ride!

TreeTops Zipline Canopy Tour, ages 10 and up, weight 90-260 lbs.
Ten ziplines, five sky bridges, two short strolls, and a rappel comprise one of the longest and most beautiful canopy tours in the East. TreeTops runs through a 40+ acre Hemlock preserve, criss-crossing picturesque Mill Creek.

Gravity Ziplines, ages 12 and up weight 100-260 lbs.
Higher, faster, longer—that’s Gravity Ziplines, where cables hover up to 200 feet off the ground and speeds often exceed 60 mph. If the thrill of the zip is what you crave, look no further.

Lower New River Rafting, ages 12 and up.
You don’t think we stop rafting when the summer ends, do you? September and October are known as Gauley Season around here. It’s when Summersville Dam releases flood-level flows into the world-famous, Class-V channel of the Gauley River. People come from all around to experience it. That means the classic and amazing New River is practically deserted, and every bit as much fun as it was in the summer.

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