Bike Through a National Park

  • Ages 8+
  • 2 hours
  • Prices start at $82

It doesn’t get much better than spending two hours on a guided mountain bike trip through the New River Gorge National Park! This corner of Appalachia boasts a huge quantity and variety of mountain biking terrain. From narrow, rollercoaster-like singletrack trails to old, gravel mining roads and railroad grades, there’s something for mountain bikers of all levels.

The routes you’ll take on your trip will depend on your group’s goals and experience levels. No matter the type of trails chosen, you’ll log about seven miles on laid-back grades like Southside Junction Trail or challenging loops of the Arrowhead Trails.

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What’s Included

You’ll be provided a mountain bike, helmet, and a water bottle. If your trip is led by one of our adventure partners, you’ll be responsible for transportation to their headquarters. Just ask us for the details!

What to Wear

Closed-toed shoes are required. Wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move around in. Avoid loose-fitting pants that may get stuck in the bike’s gears. Dress according to the weather.

Trip Time

This tour includes two hours of mountain biking.

Requirements and Limits

The minimum age for this adventure is 8 years old. We can cater to all skill levels, but check with your physician about participating in high-adrenaline, physical activities.


All participants must wear helmets throughout the entire mountain biking adventure. It’s important to pay attention to your guide’s instructions about braking, appropriate speed, and upcoming obstacles. Your mountain biking guide will be extremely familiar with local trails, skilled at bike maintenance, and able to assess each participant’s skill level and individual abilities.

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