TimberTrek: Obstacle Course Park Overview

Obstacle Course Park in the Tree Canopy

  • Ages 4+
  • 3 hours
  • Prices start at $15 (ages 4-5)
  • Youth pricing starts at $37

Looking for a challenge the whole group can take on? Suspended over four acres of the forest floor, TimberTrek Adventure Park is our treetop ropes course park that encompasses seven different obstacle courses in the tree canopy.

Each aerial obstacle course within TimberTrek offers up different physical challenges that range in difficulty, from kid-friendly obstacles to difficult obstacles that challenge even our most experienced rock-climbing guides!

The best part? You’ll be able to choose the course that’s most suited for you and for your group. Warm up on an easier course at our West Virginia adventure park and then challenge yourself to one of the harder ones! TimberTrekeven hasa course that is perfect for the littlest adventurers in your group –kids as young as 4 can take on the challenge of TimberTrek!

How it Works

Your group of up to 20 people (reservations are strongly recommended) will be given three hours to move along a crazy series of nets, swinging bridges, ziplines, suspended tunnels, platforms, and more. In total, TimberTrek offers seven unique treetop adventure courses split across four acres of forest.

TimberTrek is a self-guided adventure, but one of our trained guides will be on the ground to monitor the group and coach you through each challenge in our tree obstacle course every step of the way. So, gather the group, gear up, and get ready for an arboreal adventure unlike any other.

Why Visit TimberTrek?

You know those people that always seem to be trying something new? You know – the kind that are game for anything? Yeah…you don’t have to be one of those people to enjoy TimberTrek or its various tree obstacle courses. But you just might, even for a short while, begin to feel like one of those adventure seekers by giving the aerial obstacle courses in TimberTrek a shot.

TimberTrek is fun. Some might even call it exhilarating. It’s also just a part of the larger Adventures on the Gorge resort, which, in case you didn’t know, has facilities located much closer together to each other than most of our competitors. That means whether you’re chasing our Aerial Adventures with a land adventure (get on solid ground — good choice!) or exploring a lake adventure (hey, whatever floats your boat!) we’ve got plenty to keep you busy.

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What Are the Requirements and Limits?

While we welcome the whole family at our adventure park in West Virginia, there are some things you should keep in mind as our treetop obstacle course does have certain requirements and limits.

  • The minimum age for this adventure is four years old, though additional supervision and safety restrictions may apply to participants under 14 years old. See the course chart for age requirement breakdowns.
  • “With adult climber” means that an adult must accompany a youth on the course itself.
  • “Supervised” means that an adult may monitor from the ground and must remain present throughout the duration of the youth climbing. We require all children under 14 to be accompanied by an adult. Climbing with your child will enable them to climb more courses.
  • The maximum weight per person is 260 pounds.
  • All guests participating must fill out a waiver prior to your trip. Those under 18 will need assistance from a guardian when filling out their form.
  • No alcoholic beverages, illicit drugs, or tobacco products allowed while in our gear on our courses.
  • Closed-toed shoes are an absolute requirement.
  • We do not allow pregnant individuals on our high ropes course. Please consult your guide about any other medical conditions before you head out onto our courses.
  • A moderate level of physical ability is required to complete our courses, we require participants to start with our easier courses as you work your way up to our more difficult courses. Please note that while TimberTrek courses vary greatly in difficulty, you will be using your muscles, balance, and agility on our difficult courses - think American Ninja Warrior levels of physical rigor.
  • TimberTrek can accommodate up to 20 participants per group within one three-hour time slot. Reservations are strongly encouraged.

What's Included at TimberTrek?

We’ll provide expert safety instruction and all the necessary safety gear, including helmets, gloves, and harnesses.

What Do I Wear?

Stable closed-toed shoes that stay on (no flip flops or crocs), plus comfortable clothes that you can easily move around in. Skirts, dresses, and other loose-fitting clothing may get caught in our rigging and should not be worn for TimberTrek. A rain jacket is a good idea if weather dictates.

Where Do We Meet?

Trips will start and end at building number 8 on the Mill Creek side of campus. Our adventure park is just a short walk down the hill from the aerial check-in desk.

What Is the Trip Length?

Each group that visits TimberTrek is given three hours to make their way through all seven obstacle courses or repeat the courses you like. This tends to be plenty of time for groups of up to 20 active, agile participants. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your trip time.

What Are the Hours and Reservation Requirements?

Reservations are required, and minimum group sizes may apply. Please arrive at least minutes before your trip time.

Our hours of operation vary by season, but TimberTrek trips usually begin around 8 a.m. with multiple trips going out through the day. TimberTrek will operate rain or shine unless there is lightning, high winds, or ice. In the event of a storm, TimberTrek will close temporarily and reopen once weather allows. Time spent on the ground will not count against your purchase.

Do I need to be fit?

You do need a degree of physical fitness to complete our courses, but it's very rare for someone to stop climbing all together because they weren't fit enough. Start easy and work your way up!

Do I have to pay if I want to just watch?

No, our courses have trails underneath that loved ones can use to follow along with participants that are climbing.

How long does each course take?

Generally, each course will take around 30 minutes to complete. This all depends on the confidence of the climber and how many people on the course are ahead of you.

What Safety Precautions Are There?

We teach you everything you need to know to be safe while climbing our courses. The courses do contain some easy and some physically challenging obstacles so there is a risk for scrapes and bruises on our course.

Although you can set your own pace at TimberTrek, our guides are absolutely critical. They ensure your safety by checking all of your gear. They’ll also push you along with positive encouragement!

Our gear is designed to catch you upon falling off any of our obstacles. At the most, you will simply be dangling until a guide can assist you (most folks are able to assist themselves back onto most obstacles).

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