Aerial Adventures and Zip Lining in West Virginia

Aerial Adventures at Adventures on the Gorge

With three aerial adventures in our backyard, Adventures on the Gorge has the best ziplining in the New River Gorge, with options for the whole family (or group!). There is nothing like the thrill of soaring high above the treetops on Gravity Ziplines, where you’ll experience one of the longest and fastest ziplines in West Virginia. So long, in fact, that it’s LONGER than the New River Gorge Bridge! Or opt for our immersive canopy tour, TreeTops, where you’ll zipline from tree to tree under a canopy of native West Virginia giants. Last but certainly not least, TimberTrek offers kiddos as young as four a chance to challenge themselves to a series of elements made just for them, while older kids and adults can climb to new heights on more challenging TimberTrek courses!

You do not need to be staying with Adventures on the Gorge or go rafting with us to book one of our aerial adventures! All three options are great for those just passing through, or who want to experience an adventure in a short period of time.

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What’s Included in Each of Your Aerial Adventures Courses?

  • Treetops Zipline Canopy Tour (Age 10+): Get clipped in by one of our expert guides and then glide through the treetops to learn more about the unique plant life and wildlife as you do with our 2-3 hour Treetops Zipline canopy tour. This tour is both scenic and educational! It also provides access to ten different ziplines and five sky bridges. A minimum of two guides stay with travelers of this adventure during all times.
  • Gravity Ziplines (Age 12+): This gravity-powered zipline experience is high-adrenaline, making it ideal for speed demons. You experience six different ziplines, with the concluding one being a 3,150-foot zipline on which you can reach speeds of up to 65 mph! A minimum of two guides stay with travelers of this adventure during all times.
  • Timbertrek Adventure Park (Age 4+): Timbertrek is made up of seven unique obstacle courses across four acres of forest. Challenges you’ll encounter over the three hours you have to complete this park include nets, bridges, ziplines, above-ground tunnels, platforms, and much more! A guide stays near you at all times, but you have more freedom to explore this course on your own than our other adventures.
  • Moontrek (age 6+): What if you could experience our Timbertrek course after hours? That’s precisely what Moontrek provides!  

No matter which of our aerial adventures you choose, you can rest assured that our guides will do all that they can to make you and your family’s experience fun! 

  • Our guides are extensively trained in safety best-practices, such as staying with you for the duration of your adventure. 
  • All of our guides have first aid and CPR certification.
  • Many of our guides are EMTs or first responders.

In sum, while we can never guarantee a risk-free experience, when you visit one of our aerial adventures, whether it be Moontrek by moonlight or Gravity by daylight, you know you’ll be in good hands. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Aerial Adventures and Zipline in New River Gorge

What is an aerial adventure course?

Simply put, an aerial adventure course is an obstacle course set high above the ground in the canopy of trees. It can include ziplining, bridges, and other elements. So while you may have ziplined before, an aerial adventures course takes high-in-the-sky fun to the next level! Not sure ziplining is for you? Some of our aerial adventure courses don’t include ziplining – think of those as above-ground obstacle courses high up in the tree canopies, giving you a birds-eye view of the beautiful surrounding scenery. 

For example, an aerial adventure like the one you’ll experience on our TimberTrek Adventure is a series of challenging obstacles situated in the trees, built with poles and cables. There are aerial ropes courses, zip lines, netted bridges, swinging logs, tunnels, and other elements that you have to navigate in our Timbertrek course by walking, climbing, and balancing. But all of our courses are different.

The courses can range in difficulty from beginner to advanced. For more information on what each of our aerial adventures includes, see the above section for “What’s included in each of your aerial adventure courses?”

What types of aerial adventures do you offer?

Our expert guides can take you through several aerial adventures, including our Gravity Ziplines experience, Moontrek, Timbertrek Adventure Park, and Treetops Zipline Canopy Tour. The Treetops Canopy Tour is our signature experience, featuring a 2-3 hour adventure of ziplining in WV, aerial bridges, and rappelling.

What kind of flora and fauna can I expect to find?

Adventures on the Gorge is located in a stunning natural West Virginia environment full of wildlife and lush foliage. Our aerial adventures take you high into West Virginia’s old-growth forests, where you’ll enjoy the breathtaking beauty of sugar maples, oaks, hickory, and more. You’ll also have the chance to spot wild animals like white-tailed deer, raccoons, and even black bears–if you’re lucky.

Are there any risks to ziplining in West Virginia?

At Adventures on the Gorge, safety is our highest priority. We have designed and built our aerial courses with the utmost care to ensure that your aerial adventure remains an exciting and safe experience. 

Our aerial tour guides are highly trained in both safety standards and rescue procedures. Before your tour begins, you’ll go through a ground-level zip line practice to review procedures and understand any hazards. When you’re on the aerial course, you’ll be securely double-clipped onto two steel cables that can support more than a tonne of weight. 

Our TreeTops Zipline Canopy Tour was built to perfection by Bonsai Design, widely recognized as the leading zipline design and build company in America.

Do I need previous ziplining experience?

No previous ziplining experience is necessary to take the tour. All our aerial adventures are designed with safety in mind, and prior knowledge of ziplining is not required.

Are there age restrictions on your aerial adventures?

Each of our New River Gorge zipline and aerial adventure experiences has its own set of age restrictions. Please consult the individual experience page FAQ for more information on age restrictions.

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