TimberTrek Adventure Park - Adventures on the Gorge

TimberTrek Adventure Park

Looking for a challenge in which your whole group can participate? Look no further than TimberTrek Adventure Park! Explore our seven obstacle courses expanding over four acres in the tree canopy.

Our TimberTrek Adventure Park delivers intense, physical challenges on seven different obstacle courses suspended above the forest floor through four acres of tree canopy. But don’t worry, its easier courses are suitable for kids down to the age of 4.

Here’s how a typical TimberTrek adventure unfolds: your group of up to 20 people (reservations strongly encouraged) gets a 3-hour timeslot to move along a crazy series of nets, swinging bridges, ziplines, suspended tunnels, platforms and more. Our courses range from easy to extremely difficult. Active and agile participants should have enough time to do them all in 3 hours. Despite ease of our intro courses, don’t get too full of yourself-- our most difficult courses regularly challenge even some of our best rock climbing guides!

TimberTrek is a self guided adventure with our trained guided monitoring and coaching you from the ground. It’s an incredibly cool way for you and your family to build skills and overcoming obstacles in a challenging natural setting.

If you really want to kick your arboreal adventure into high gear, consider one of our 2-hour MoonTrek trips, offered on weeknights through our main season.

Minimum Age: 4

Maximum Weight: 260 lbs.

TimberTrek Adventure Park FAQs

Guide Information

Although you can set your own pace on TimberTrek Adventures, our guides are absolutely critical. They ensure your safety by checking all your gear and clipping you safely into our cable systems, and are excellent coaches, pushing you along with positive encouragement!

What’s Provided

Helmets, gloves, harnesses and expert safety instruction will be provided.

What to Bring

Closed-toed shoes are required, as well as durable, flexible clothing (shorts or long pants are fine). Skirts, dresses and other loose-fitting clothes may get caught in our rigging and should be avoided. A rain jacket is a good idea if weather dictates, but severe thunderstorms may result in your trip being called off. During hot summer months you may wish to take water breaks between courses, but it is not a good idea to bring water bottles on TimberTrek.

Where to Meet

Our check-in is on our Mill Creek campus, directly behind Rendezvous Lodge. Trips usually being embarking around 8am. We recommend prior reservations, especially for large groups, and with notice we can work with up to 20 participants at a time. Trips are booked for 3-hour timeslots. Trips may be canceled or postponed in case of inclement weather, and postponement times will not count against your 3-hour trip time.

Requirements & Restrictions
  • TimberTrek participants must be at least 4 years old, and of sound mind and body to perform specific safety tasks independently
  • Additional supervision and safety restrictions may apply to participants under 13 years old
  • “With Adult” means that an adult must accompany a youth on the course itself, not on the ground
  • “Supervised” means that an adult may monitor a youth from the ground
  • Maximum weight is 260 lbs./person
  • We may apply restrictions based on medical condition of participants
  • You must be able to understand all safety instructions as written out in English
  • Posted rules and instructions from your guides must be followed at all times

Finally, be aware that our courses vary greatly in difficulty. Those at the more challenging end of the scale are real, legitimate physical challenges that might seem straight out of an episode of American Ninja Warrior. We’ll make sure you stay safe on TimberTrek, but we also guarantee that you will really work your muscles, balance, and agility to their max on our difficult courses. Are you ready?

Trip Safety

We have staff positioned throughout the course to answer questions and provide assistance.

Operation Hours

Reservations are highly recommended and minimum group sizes may apply. Our hours of operation vary by season but generally begin at 8 a.m. TimberTrek will operate rain or shine unless there is lightning, high winds or ice. In the event of a storm the park will close temporarily and reopen once the weather allows. Time spent on the ground due to inclement weather will not count against your purchase.

Most trips are 3 hours long, allowing you to take each obstacle at your own pace. You can take breaks in between, but if your time expires you will not be able to start another course. We have staff positioned throughout the course to answer questions and provide assistance.