Response to COVID-19

Dear Honored Guest:

After much deliberation, we have decided the best way to follow the social-distancing guidelines of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and thereby protect the health of our employees and guests during this unprecedented moment in history is to close most of the Adventures on the Gorge operations until at least May 21, 2020.

By taking these steps now, we are hoping to avoid the need to lay off any members of our employee family and to be ready to welcome our valued guests back to the resort in time for spring-season rafting on the New River.

Here is a summary of our next steps. Every hour by hour, day by day, we will reevaluate the situation and adjust accordingly.

• Closed until at least May 21 – All activities, lodging, restaurants, stores, and the Lookout Post.

• The reservations and sales department will remain open.

Even though West Virginia is the last state to see a confirmed case of coronavirus, we must assume that it will continue to spread in our direction. By making this decision now it’s our contribution in defeating the spread of C-19.

We all must continue to go about our daily lives while living with the uncertain nature of coronavirus. As someone who finds solace in the sounds of our rivers and comfort in forests, I believe we are healthiest when we can be outside, and that’s where I will be as much as possible.

Wherever you are and however you are dealing with this crisis, please look out for each other and be well.

We hope to see you back at Adventures on the Gorge soon.

Be Well

Roger Wilson, CEO 

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