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  • Upper New River Whitewater Rafting Full Day


Upper New River Rafting: Our Most Popular Family Trip

  • Full day trip
  • Ages 6+
  • Children ages 6-11 raft for free with each paying adult (excludes Saturday)
  • Includes lunch.
  • Class I-III rapids
  • You will be in inflatable kayaks or rafts.
  • A perfect first rafting trip for kids
  • Prices start at $129

Upper New River Rafting is for Everyone

The Upper New River is the ultimate first rafting trip for families and groups with kiddos as young as six! On this full day rafting trip, you’ll embark on the fun and splashy waters of the Upper New River, part of the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve. Unlike its downstream neighbor (the Lower New River), the Upper New has calmer waters, making it a great first rafting trip for families.

You’ll start your day at Adventures on the Gorge, where our expert guides will get you and your group outfitted with helmets and PFDs (personal floatation devices). Then you’ll head to the river! On this trip (depending on water levels), you’ll have the opportunity to raft in either a traditional raft or in a single or double inflatable kayak.

Between the class I-III rapids, you’ll have plenty of time to swim, play river games, and enjoy the beauty of the New River Gorge. Part way through your full day on the Upper New River, you’ll stop for a riverside lunch, set up for you by your guides.

After your day experiencing the Upper New River, you’ll head back to Adventures on the Gorge, where you can check out your trip photos and video (prebook a trip video to guarantee that it will be videoed!).

Oh, and we can’t forget the best part-on the Upper New River, kids aged 6-11 raft for free with each paying adult, Sunday-Friday! It’s a win/win.

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What More Is There to Know About the New River?

Did you know the New River is said to be the second-oldest river in the world? Over millions of years, its white water has carved the New River Gorge and left us with large shelf drops and boulders–a perfect combination of waves and hydraulics that make for world-class rafting. The Lower New River provides adventurous rafting, while the Upper New River is typically more tame.

How Do I Dress for New River Rafting?

What’s Included

Transportation is covered from the resort to the river and back again. We’ll also provide all your rafting equipment (helmet, personal flotation device or PFD, paddle, and boat), plus a riverside lunch served by our guides.

What Do I Bring?

Bring any medication you need throughout the day, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a change of clothes to keep at the resort to change into after your trip. Guides carry small, waterproof bags to stow necessary medications. Depending on the time of year and the weather, you may also want a synthetic layer. If necessary, wetsuits and splash jackets are available for rent. Call us to book those, too.

What Is the Trip Time?

This is a Full Day Trip.
Depending on the day’s water level, you’ll spend between 4-6 hours on the water, plus shuttle time to and from the river. Trip length and intensity vary based on water levels, which change throughout the season.

What Kind of Boat & Where Will the Guide Be?

We typically take inflatable kayaks on the Upper New. They are  one or two-person rafts shaped like kayaks. With an inflatable kayak, you’ll get to experience a more personal whitewater rafting challenge on a craft that’s stable, fun, and easy to maneuver. Our inflatable kayaks are self-bailing, which means water that splashes in will drain out on its own. Our standard, 16-foot rafts are available upon request or when the water is high. These comfortably seat eight rafters and one river guide. River guides will be either in rafts or in inflatable kayaks to lead the pack, and they’re experts at working with beginner rafters and families with small children. Learn more about our guides.

What Are the Requirements and Limits?

The minimum age for this trip is 6 years old. Our PFDs have a maximum chest capacity of 56 inches. All adventurers on the trip should be able to swim.

How Much Are Group Reservations?

Custom quotes are available for groups of over 15. Call us to learn more!

What Safety Precautions Are There?

Our trip leaders and river guides will talk through specific guidelines and requirements on site before you head for the water.

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