• Rafting
  • Upper New River Overnight 2 Day Trip


A Kid-Friendly Rafting Getaway

  • Upper New River Overnight
  • Two days of rafting
  • One night of camping
  • Two lunches, one dinner, and one breakfast
  • Ages 6+
  • An Adventures on the Gorge favorite!
  • Prices start at $189 per day

The Upper New River is a playground for kids and adults alike! This calm section of the New River meanders through the New River Gorge, where layers of stone have been cut and carved meticulously by the river for generations. This kid friendly river section is made even better on an overnight trip, where kids as young as six can unplug and enjoy the beauty (and fun!) of the river, nature, and playing like kids.

On day one, you’ll head to the river, where you’ll experience a full day of rafting on the fun and splashy waters of the Upper New River. You’ll have the chance to choose between paddling in a raft with a guide or paddling in a single or double inflatable kayak. On the Upper New River, fun is the name of the game (and there are plenty of games!). You’ll jump off jump rock, play river games, and enjoy a riverside lunch partway through the day. At the end of day one, you’ll set up camp along the river and experience a night full of campfires, stories, and sleeping under the stars (ok, in a tent). Your guides will prepare dinner for your group too.

After breakfast the next morning, you’ll take on the river for another day of fun. Just like day one, there will be plenty of unplugged fun, delicious food, and lots of smiles.

Experience the Upper New River on the two day overnight with your family this summer!

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Overnight Packlist
What to Wear


About the River

The Upper New River is known for her fun and splashy rapids, perfect for little ones to experience their first rafting trip. While the down stream section is boulder strewn, with dramatic drops, waves, and hydraulics, the Upper New River provides calmer waters for the littlest rafters or those who are searching for a more relaxing day on the river.

How to Dress for Rafting

What’s Included

Transportation is covered from the resort to the river and back again. We’ll also provide all your rafting equipment (helmet, personal flotation device or PFD, paddle, and boat) and lunch and dinner on the first day of the trip and breakfast and lunch on the second.

A dry bag is provided for each person.

What to Bring

Bring any medication you need, sunscreen, sunglasses, and dry clothes to change into at night and the following morning. Depending on the time of year and the weather, you may also want a synthetic layer. If necessary, wetsuits and splash jackets are available for rent. Call us to book those, too.

You'll need to bring all camping gear including tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad. You'll be provided with a checklist when you book so you'll know what is required and what is recommended for you to bring.

Trip Time

This is a Overnight Trip.
Depending on the day’s water level, you’ll spend between 4-6 hours on the water per day, plus shuttle time to and from the river. Trip length and intensity vary based on water levels, which change throughout the season.

Your Boat & Guide

We typically take inflatable kayaks on the Upper New. They are inflatable two-person rafts shaped like kayaks. With an inflatable kayak, you’ll get to experience a more personal whitewater rafting challenge on a craft that’s stable, fun, and easy to maneuver. Our inflatable kayaks are self-bailing, which means water that splashes in will drain out on its own. Our standard, 16-foot rafts are available upon request or when the water is high. These comfortably seat eight rafters and one river guide. River guides will be either in rafts or in inflatable kayaks to lead the pack, and they’re experts at working with beginner rafters and families with small children. Learn more about our guides.

Requirements and Limits

The minimum age for this trip is 6 years old. Our PFDs have a maximum chest capacity of 56 inches. All adventurers on the trip should be able to swim.

Group Reservations

Custom quotes are available for groups of over 15. Call us to learn more!


Our trip leaders and river guides will talk through specific guidelines and requirements on site before you head for the water.

What is the toilet facility like on an overnight trip?

We use a groover and set up a privacy tent.

What's a groover, you may ask? A groover is a portable toilet designed for the river. It's watertight, easy to set up, and has a funny name that is derived from its early days of river use, when the old style used would leave "grooves" on user's legs. Now, we use toilet seats, so you don't have to worry about that little detail.

What size are the drybags?

110 liter or approx 16" Diameter x 33" Height (https://www.nrs.com/nrs-110l-bills-bag-dry-bag/p74j)

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