2-Hour Rappelling - Adventures on the Gorge

2-Hour Rappelling

Whether you’re pressed for time and determined to squeeze in an adventurous activity during a long drive, or simply looking to try a new experience, this 2-hour rappelling trip is the perfect way to get that quick hit of adrenaline.

In this 2-hour rappel, you will learn the basics of rappelling in the New River Gorge.

Minimum Age: 8

Rappelling FAQs

Guide Information

Our certified instructors are experts at skill evaluation and instruction.

What's Provided

We provide certified instructors, equipment you’ll need to rappel, including helmets, harnesses, hardware and ropes. You’ll need your own shoes while hiking and rappelling.

What to Bring

Comfortable closed-toed shoes (no flip flops), a long sleeve shirt or jacket and long pants or shorts depending on the weather report, rain gear for rainy or windy days, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, drinking water and a small backpack or fanny pack.

Group Reservations

Climbing areas are heavily regulated by the National Park Service, so group sizes are limited in any given area. Therefore large groups may need to be separated.

Requirements & Restrictions

While rappelling is not physically demanding, it requires some courage to take that first step and to continue all the way down. Minimum Age 8.

Trip Safety

Your guides and leaders will discuss specific safety requirements on site.