Summer Double Play Special

Now through May 30th you can purchase the Summer Double Play for $149

You can enjoy 2 half day adventures any time between May 27 and September 5 for just $149 when you purchase by Memorial Day. New reservations only.
Summer Double Play includes 2 half day adventures of your choice:


Lower New River Rapid Run

Min Age 12
Lower New River Whitewater Rafting Rapid Run Adventures On The Gorge
This half-day trip is eight miles long, runs through 17 rapids ranging from Class II-IV, and is focused on the whitewater without making additional stops to eat or jump rocks along the way. It’s an ideal option for those looking to go whitewater rafting and also fit in other adventures on the same day.


TreeTops Canopy Tour

Min Age 10, Weight: 90-260lbs
Treetops Zipline Canopy Tour Adventures On The Gorge
The tour starts on a ridge top, which gradually descends through a forest of oak, maple, and birch trees before settling at a beautiful stand of hemlock trees along Mill Creek. You’ll fly through the hemlocks on 10 different ziplines, make your way over five swinging sky bridges, admire Mother Nature during a couple of short hikes on the forest floor, and conclude the tour with a free-hanging, 35-foot rappel!


Gravity Ziplines

Min Age 12, Weight: 100 - 260lbs
Gravity Ziplines Adventures On The Gorge
The Gravity Ziplines tour serves up a dose of adrenaline that’s on par with our most extreme adventures! You’ll zip up to 200 feet high and over one and a half miles worth of cables, all through a wonderful series of mountain ridges and bowls in the heart of Southern West Virginia. The course descends six ziplines: two 500-foot warm-ups, and then progressively longer and faster lines at 1,300 feet, 1,600 feet, and 1,800 feet before getting to the main attraction.


TimberTrek Adventure Park

Min Age 4
Timbertrek Adventure Park Adventures On The Gorge
Looking for a challenge the whole group can take on? Suspended over four acres of the forest floor, TimberTrek Adventure Park encompasses seven obstacle courses in the tree canopy. Each course offers up different physical challenges that range in difficulty, from kid-friendly obstacles to difficult obstacles that challenge even our most experienced rock climbing guides!



Min Age 6
Moontrek Aerial Adventure Adventures On The Gorge
It’s TimberTrek, but in the dark! MoonTrek combines the challenge of TimberTrek’s obstacle courses with the magic of a moonlit forest night. You’ll follow four of the same obstacle courses in the tree canopy, with bridges, nets, and ziplines suspended over four acres of the forest floor. Each course offers up different physical challenges that range in difficulty, from kid-friendly obstacles to difficult obstacles that challenge even our most experienced rock climbing guides.


Rock Climbing 1/2 Day

Min Age 8
Rock Climbing Adventures On The Gorge
High above the New River, walls and cliffs of bullet-hard sandstone emerge from the lush forest that abounds in the New River Gorge. Serious climbers from around the globe flock here for the technical routes to be found, but there’s no shortage of climbing areas for all levels! This Guided Rock Climb–Half Day adventure will take you to one of our two most popular climbing areas for beginners and experienced climbers.



Min Age 8
Rappelling Adventures On The Gorge
It’s hard to beat rappelling for a quick hit of adrenaline and some of the finest views in Appalachia! The epicenter for rappelling in the New River Gorge is located along the cliff band of sandstone that forms a section called Endless Wall. Here, the routes range from dead vertical to severely overhanging, presenting the opportunity for epic, 100-foot rappels over 800 feet above the New River.



Min Age 10
Paintball Adventures On The Gorge
Get ready for an adrenalizing, competitive adventure! During a Paintball match, your vacation momentarily turns into an intense “shoot-or-be-shot” melee within West Virginia’s hardwood forest. Our paintball course threads through a variety of natural and constructed obstacles designed to give you a Hunger Games-style moment. If you want more structure, you can add several 15-20 minute games like capture the flag. Family gatherings, corporate events, scout trips–they can all benefit from the fun of Paintball!


Laser Tag

Min Age 10
Laser Tag Adventures On The Gorge
Put your safety gear on, gather your team, and get ready for an exhilarating game that’s a mix of tag, hide and seek, and paintball. This is laser tag–a different kind of adventure on the Gorge! Over your two-hour time slot, you’ll move through our course set in the forests of West Virginia. This wooded terrain makes the game even more fun with trees and obstacles to surprise and hide from your opponents. The rules of the game are similar to paintball, but you’ll shoot with painless and sting-free lasers instead. This makes it a great option for families!



Min Age 8
Sup Stand Up Paddleboarding Adventures On The Gorge
Experience the rapidly growing sport of stand up paddleboarding (SUP) on the beautiful, clear waters of Summersville Lake! SUP has evolved from surfing. Instead of paddling with your arms, you stand up on the board and maneuver with a long-shafted paddle. SUP gives you a unique perspective in the water, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to paddle!


Flatwater Kayaking

Min Age 10
Flatwater Kayaking Adventures On The Gorge
Explore the natural beauty of West Virginia on a scenic paddling trip! With your guide leading the way, you’ll maneuver a sit-on-top kayak through the calm waters of Hawk’s Nest Lake or Summersville Lake. Your guide will give you tips on how to steer and paddle efficiently, and you’ll build up your kayaking confidence while experiencing the tranquility of being on the water. This adventure is the perfect choice for those who want to get a little upper-body exercise in a picturesque setting.


Guided Hike

Min Age 8
Hiking 1 1
Henry David Thoreau once said, “I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.” We know the feeling–it’s one that becomes familiar to people who spend a lot of time in New River Gorge National Park! On this Guided Hike adventure, you’ll explore with your guide and surround yourself with the beauty of Appalachia. The New River Gorge boasts over 100 miles of hiking trails, ranging from popular trails like Long Point and Endless Wall Trail to more off-the-beaten path, secluded destinations.

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