Gravity Ziplines

This open-air zipline course soars a jaw-dropping 200 feet above the ground at its highest point, taking riders on a 1.5 mile long tour that zigzags across the ridgeline of a mountain bowl and offers amazing birds-eye views of three counties and the changing foliage in the fall.

You’ll start off with two 500 ft long warm up ziplines, graduating to 1,300 feet, 1,600 feet, 1,800 feet in length, and the whopping 3,150 feet Adrena-Line zip that has riders routinely hitting speeds of 60-65 miles an hour.

Gravity can accommodate up to 16 guests per trip time.

Minimum Age: 12
Participants must weigh between 100 – 260 lbs.

Our aerial guides are trained extensively on the courses. They work both in normal operations and in rescue.

We provide harnesses, helmets, gloves, and guides.

Closed-toed secure footwear is required. Dress for the weather: in spring and fall, bring wool or polypropylene jackets and a windbreaker. For cold and wet weather, bring a jacket or polypropylene, pile fleece and a windbreaker. Avoid loose clothing and store loose items at our facility before your trip. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and a water pack are recommended. 

Gravity Ziplines meets at our Mill Creek Campus.

Minimum age is 12.  It’s a good idea to consult your family physician to determine whether you are physically capable of handling an increase in activity, adrenaline and short walks up hills. Participants must weigh between 100 – 260 lbs. You will be weighed on a go-no go scale.

Our professional guides will review the procedures and explain the hazards during the introductory ground level zip. You will be double-clipped onto two steel cables, which are capable of supporting more than a ton of weight. At anytime during the practice zip, you can decide to quit. You can also quit after any zip line in the Gravity Tour, but you will have to hike out as there is no road access to platforms in the middle of the tour.

Gravity Ziplines were built by the Challenge Me Group, an Association for Challenge Course Technology member.

Gravity Ziplines run rain or shine. We temporarily close the course during lightning storms or high winds. If we know in advance that we will be closed, we will try to contact you. If your Gravity Ziplines trip is canceled, we will offer you the option to participate in another activity, rebook for a different day or time, or issue a rain check.